My professional life is based in Dubai where I have been working as an architect .I have worked on 5 star hotels , High rise mixed use development s, Retail malls ,High rise office towers, Canal-water side high end developments  etc all multi million projects with complex functions,services  and designs.
I have worked and co-ordinated with teams from some of the most well known names in the industry such as  :

Architectural Collaborations: RTKL (US), WATG(UK) , 5+Design (US), EDAW(Aus)etc.

Engineers: Arup(US), Hyder(ME), WSP (ME), Cansult Maunsell

Project Managers: Mace(UK), Turner International , Hill International , Laing O' Rourke, Bovis.

Interior Designers: WA International (Dubai,UK), Wilson(Singapore) etc

The city as a global entity

Architecture has arguably broken new ground in a city takes its title the' city of gold' quite literally. A city that was a blip on the world radar 15 years ago has now 'arrived' , it seems that nothing is big enough , tall enough or impossible enough that the city would not attempt to reach at.Dubai recognized that to grow from a small maritime hamlet you must have people , trade and let it flourish without any traditional bounds like taxation , overbearing laws .
Dubai aims to be a global center, being conveniently located within 15 hrs of flying time from North America, Australia , China and much lesser for Eurpoe, South Asia , Singapore .It knew its geographical location could be cashed and from there began the continuous rise of Dubai.

The expatriate city

Usually cities have been built by its own denizens but here Dubai is smarter, it utilizes a very 20-21st century of attracting  skilled migrants in search of good working environment. In Dubai everybody  is out of choice ,because Dubai lets them live largely unfettered .Contrary to popular belief Dubai is a middle class city, it has many very rich people but even the middle class afford  things which are unknown in many countries and cities of the world - a good civic life , unbroken power supply, clean beaches, cheap fuel and cars -most being reasonably priced.






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